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The Road Less Travelled
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Monday, May 10th, 2010
5:29 pm
Family Guy's Transphobic Mother's Day Episode
Family Guy an animated television series on Fox aired an extremely transphobic episode on Mother's Day. The episode called "Quagmire's Dad" was about a big life change for his father, a recognized Navy war hero veteran. The episode is filled with homophobic and transphobic language and judgment.


Take action by emailing askfox@fox.com and tell them to pull the episode off the air.
Monday, March 22nd, 2010
11:29 am
Remove Crossdressing from the DSM-V
A petition to remove cross-dressing as a mental disorder is being submitted to the Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders Workgroup of the American Psychiatric Association (APA). Currently the APA considers individuals who crossdress to be suffering from "transvestic disorder"

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009
8:44 pm
New Blog
Please check out my new page. I am your average submissive crossdresser who enjoys bondage and serving my Wife. http://adrian1974.livejournal.com/
Tuesday, March 31st, 2009
10:40 am
 my moms dirty panties

and me wearing them

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Thursday, March 19th, 2009
9:33 pm
 m/22 is my moms old panties. your thoughts??

Saturday, March 7th, 2009
4:07 pm
 mom's panties. message me to see more or to chat on yahoo or something.

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Sunday, September 28th, 2008
12:13 pm
hiya, i'm new here and thought i'd say hi (and then run away and hide!)

Current Mood: nervous
Tuesday, August 5th, 2008
3:07 pm
Are you a significant other of a crossdresser or a crossdresser who wants advice from significant others of crossdressers? Then check out my new community cd_signots. I created this community because there are loads of communities for crossdressers, transgendered, and polygendered people, but not many that are just for the significant others. If you know someone who might be interested in this community, please let them know.


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Sunday, June 15th, 2008
12:38 am
First post.
First post here~ 

I decided to dress up and take some pics of it...
My girlfriend helped me.

Current Mood: apathetic
Tuesday, March 25th, 2008
8:56 pm
Will someone please help me out?
Finally I got the house all to myself again! This hasn't happened once since Christmas. Everybody is gone and although I have a ton of work to do. I'm taking full advantage of this oppertunity. So I've took a few pics. I've grown my hair out and hope to try to do something with it soon and I've got my ears pierced too since my last pics. But why do I still look like such a boy? I've gained alot of weight in the past year. I guess my metabolism is changing. Plus I've quite smoking and a few other bad habits I had. So I've lost my girly figure I've always had, and it really shows in my face. But I'm sure there's ways around this but when I see myself in a picture all I see is boy! I'm missing something and I need some help figuring it out.

Current Mood: confused
Thursday, February 21st, 2008
8:30 pm
Well, A few days ago I bought a wig on e-bay (from a seller that was recommended to me by a friend that does costuming) that is the same style as the wig that I borrowed for Halloween.  It came in the mail today, and when I opened it, it is a lot blonder than it looked in the pictures online, but I still like the style, and think it will look good when I get all dolled up.   Anyway, I will probably do a few pictures with it on this weekend.
Saturday, October 27th, 2007
1:59 am
Halloween update: post party review
So tonight was the costume party that the wife and I were invited to. After work I came home, got cleaned up, and then went over to the hostess' house (</a></b></a>bel_canto) to get ready, as she was helping with the makeup and loaning me a wig.  I have totally fallen in love with this wig, as a matter of fact I was trying to talk the hostess into letting me keep it, but alas, she has plans for using it again. I am just glad that she shared her source, and they are fairly cheap.  Anyway, after make up was applied, I glued on my press on nails, then with the help of my wife I got into my costume, and then the wig was put on.  I must say the best part of the night was when people came in and introductions were made everyone thought I was a girl (except for the people who know my wife and I, which was 4 of the 15 or so people that were there). What was even more gratifying was all the women saying that I had killer legs.  Anyway, a lot of pictures got take, and as I get access to them I will post them.  My wife and I were the last ones to leave the party, so we left in costume, and the hostess told me to just were the wig home and bring it back to her later (she and my wife sing in the same chorus).  So we ge home and I really did not want to take everything off as I did not want the night to end, but all that is left right now as I type is the press on nails that will have to be chipped off tomorrow.

Current Mood: happy
Friday, October 19th, 2007
11:15 am

Hi. I'm researching for my new book in which the secondary character, Miss Manicure, is a transvestite. Now I don;t know much about transvestitism in general, so I need to do a little research. I would like to get in contact with men who dress as women (and not the other way around) preferably English ones, but if I can't get that then I will settle for some American ones or men from other countries who like to dress up.

I just want to know about what you do when you go out in women's clothes, how it feels for you and the reason why you do it. Your name will not be publicised in the book (unless you want me to mention you in a thanks at the beginning of the book)and I will not pass on any personal details (name, age, etc) to anyone else.

If any of you know any transvestites or are transvestites yourselves, please send/come them my way. I don't need a lot of information and won't probe them/you to death, but they/you could be helpful in my research.

Kind Regards,

Thursday, October 18th, 2007
7:33 pm
Halloween update
Costume is bought, and at the house!  I went to a local halloween store to look around, and they had 2 in the style of what I was looking for, but not the one I was specifically wanting, and they were both mediums. While I was looking a sales girl walked up (decked out in one of the costumes that had to be a small or XS, but that is beside the point) and asked if I needed any help.  I pointed to the costume in question, and asked if they had any more in larger sixes in the back, and she said that by this time they had all of their stock out on the shelves. So I asked if I could try one on, and she said sure so I picked it up, and she asked me if it was for me, and I replied that yes it was, and she said ok, and lead me to the "fitting room" and took it out of the package and handed it to me. I went and tried it on fully expecting it to not fit, but it did, so I took it off, folded it and walked back out to where the sales girl was waiting.  She asked me if it was going to work for me and I said yes, while she was putting it back in the package I asked her what accessories people usually bought to go with that costume, and ahe told me the petticoat and shoes, which were black platform Mary Janes'. I went and looked at the petticoats and picked out the cheapest one since the skirt of the costume did not have any shape to it with one, and looked at the shoes which they did not have any in my size, which is ok since I (a pair that I share with my wife) have some brown heeled mary janes anyway, so that saved me almost $40.  The dress and knee highs were almost 60 and the petticoat was 20, so i spent a little over 80 on something that I will only wear one time, which really upset my wife.
Thursday, October 11th, 2007
4:19 pm
So the wife and I have been invited to a Halloween costume party. Last night we spent a while discussing what we wanted to do for costumes. We came up with several (Daphne and Velma from Scooby Doo, Strawberry Shortcake and Blueberry Muffin, and I think there was one other one but I do not rember what it was), and then we also found some costumes as well.

We are also going to go look at costumes at a costume shop this evening so we might find something we like better. but for now the front runner is the Lederhosen/Hedi Ho Dress.  I will post an update when we figure out what our costumes will be.
Wednesday, October 10th, 2007
8:39 pm
Hey, I'm Hope, nice to meet you
 This is my better side. I call her Hope. I'm trans-gendered and sometimes crossdress when ever I can. I'm new at sharing this with everyone so I'm still very shy about it and am hoping this may be a good place to make some new friends. I;m tired of feeling alone and like I have to hide from everone. I've been crossdressing my whole life, but usualy behind closed doors. Most people have no idea except for some family members that caught me a few times growing up. My wife knows too. She probrably wishes I wouldn't but knows that I provrably always will. She says just as long as I don't turn gay she don't care. Although only a few have ever seen me as a girl, I expect many wouldn't be surprised because I openly have many girly traits. 

Monday, August 6th, 2007
7:02 am
My wife and I went swimming today at a local lake.  I finally got to wear the new swimsuit I bought this year.  I started out with my swim trunks and a tank top on (over the swimsuit) until we got far enough out to not be seen, then decided to take the trunks and shirt off.  After lounging on the float for a while, someone started coming towards us and I had to put my swim trunks back on.  Now, if I am not swimming, as in trying to go somewhere I sink, even treading water, so to get my swim trunks back on I had to roll off the float, hold my breath go under and try to pull my swim trunks on, it took 3 tries to get them pulled back on, but in the end they were back in the correct position and my tank top as well, spent the rest of the day swimming, and got a good bit of sun, but it was fun.
Monday, March 12th, 2007
8:43 am
I’ve got a new project sneaking into my head. Because, you know, I really need a new project.

Anyway, this at least partially, comes under the heading of ‘LJ Knows All’. I’m going to try to make a list of books – I’m more interested in fiction than non-fiction – that deals with transvestite or transsexual themes or characters. I don’t want to include books that are specifically aimed at a transgender audience but more those books which deal with these themes in books aimed at a general audience. I’ve got a few already, just off the top of my head, so I’ll put these down as a starter. And, when I get a chance, I’ll add links to Amazon for them, or something like that.

Myra Breckenridge by Gore Vidal
Myron by Gore Vidal
Steel Beach by John Varley
Orlando by Virginia Woolf
Luna by Julie Ann Peters
The Masqueraders by Georgette Heyer
Gerald/ine – Monica Jay

So, any other suggestions?
Monday, January 22nd, 2007
4:28 am
Some photos of me
Instead of either a) sleeping or b) doing the paper that's due at noon today (it's 4 AM now), I decided to set up a new online profile and take pictures of myself. This weekend really messed up my sleeping pattern, so I'm wide awake yet unwilling to do serious work.

Anywah, here they are. All thumbnailed for the slow surfers out there. Click and enjoy.

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Saturday, January 20th, 2007
10:04 pm
I got dressed up for the first time in a loooooooooong time,so here are pictures!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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